Let our song sing,
what our hearts feel.

                  (Treza Maroh)    


The folk singers began their career in 1973 in Zabovci. At first there were only three (Matilda Kiselak, Ancka Letonja and Terezija Maroh), and later (in the year 1977) three more joined the group (Rozalija ceh, Liza Muhic, Neza Mikša).

The cast has changed since then. In 2007 the following members were a part of the group: Angela Liponik, Otilija Kukovec, Elizabeta Muhic, Marija Bezjak, Milica Cimerman, Terezija Mikša, Marija Prelog.

Being regular participants in various carnival rites, they were accepted by the Folklore Society of Markovci and are now called “Ljudske pevke” or Folk singers. Moreover, their extent of work has increased and they have been invited to attend various events ever since. In 1977 they wrote their own new song called “Šturmovska”.

Most lyrics (eighteen) have been written by Terezija Maroh, and a few of them by other members. Their narrative poems are usually based on the real life situations, love and farewell, and are also roguish. All the songs are sung in three voices.

Their singing is characteristic of folk music and the singers of Zabovci are a great example of such a group.

In the year 2000 a collection of poems entitled "Pesmi 'z Lukarske dezele" (“The poems from the country of onion“) was issued, and the constituent part of the collection was an audio cassette and a CD.

The current leader of the group is Angela Liponik.