Kopjaš (spearsman) gives the wedding ceremony a special ceremonial character, and it also incorporates life, joy and lively dance rhythm into the ceremony.

Kopjaš can only be a well-shaped, cheerful and unmarried young man, dressed into a black coat, a white shirt and black boots, with a three-color flag strap pinned to his shoulder, and a black hat. His costume is decorated with a bunch of flowers, pinned to the left sleeve, to the hat and to the left side of the chest.

The role of kopjaš is to accompany the bridegroom, most often his best friend. Before the wedding ceremony his role is less complex and demanding. The bridesmaids (called svaterce, svatevce or pedešice) dressed in white are his companions and his role is to look after them throughout the entire wedding.

The main role of kopjaš is performed as the bridegroom leaves the house, accompanied by his best man and the wedding guests. Standing at the front door, he raises his spear with a beautiful peasant kerchief and numerous colorful straps fluttering about, creating a sort of a triumphal arch above the doorstep. He then dances before the entire wedding procession through a number of villages until reaching the church.

People used to say that if kopjaš is fine, there would also be a pleasant wedding. Apparently, the most valued kopjaš among girls is the one who throws his spear highest in the air. He should keep an eye on his spear throughout the wedding so that it is not stolen, and he should also be careful not to drop it on the floor.

The leader of "kopjaši": Marko Forštneric